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Winner of 2020 Nobel Prize to be announced

Could it be this author?




 I must tell you first that I am not a Scientist in that I am not now nor have ever been employed by an educational or scientific organization.  This has never been part of my career.  Instead, I have been an independent thinker all of my life as far back as I can remember but in my independent research, I feel that I have been freer to investigate the questions that truly need to be answered, rather than minor insignificant questions.  And the biggest question I've had throughout my life is how events in my life are ordered, by whom are they so ordered and to what purpose are they so ordered?  Are these indications of some kind of universal laws?  I think that you might agree by the time you finish this book that I have some answers about that.



The 'Hand Of God' Nebula - pulsar B1509-58.

 Throughout my life, I always felt the influence of a hidden hand, some guiding and loving force that was always there like a shield protecting me from evil and always leading to the light.  I believe that in this book, I finally layout some of the best answers to these eternal questions in a way that can be understood by anyone with an active brain.  In this book, we cover some of the most intimate and delicate problems in Quantum Physics, Cosmology and the Biological Sciences as well since we will end with one of the most challenging problems in genetics we will ever face as a species.


And this book also gives us a novel way to look most objectively at this particular moment in our own Evolution where we could be on the edge of total extinction of all life on the Earth, including ourselves, or we may be on the edge of a completely new way of managing our society and our planet in ways that preserve and sustain them in a new economic and political system that is fair and equitable for all life on the Earth.  But, this must include you for it to work, I’m afraid.  Not to worry, I have faith in you. 


Although, these are big concepts, the Science I present is easy enough for anyone with a High School education to understand and follow.  In all of my writings, I always attempt to reduce things down to the simplest of terms so that I can understand and uncover the larger perspectives and present them to my readers in this highest and best form. 


At the end of the book, I hope you will conclude that I've done a decent job at making these extremely important issues of life and death jump off the page and command your attention as well as your comprehension and acceptance as the best interpretation of the evidence.




You’ve probably heard people say to you or perhaps you said to someone else that “Everything happens for a reason!”

You usually hear this old adage expressed when there is a sad, disappointing or heartbreaking event in your life or the life of a friend or family member, especially just after an unexpected death.  I am the type of person who tests just about everything that he learns and starting the day I first heard this overly used phrase I tried to figure out if this is true for everyone everywhere in the universe as is implied.  Is this an immutable law in regards to the evolution of the universe and especially all of us who live here?  I’ve explored this theory in many of my previous books, but in this book, I believe I have solved that question and put it to bed for all time.

Have you ever thought about that little voice that speaks to you constantly from deep inside your head?  Who is that?  Is it you?  Or is it someone you would like to be?  Is it ever turned off?  Do you remember when you first heard it talking to you, making plans for your current day’s activities, telling you how to think about yesterday’s activities, or helping you plan for tomorrow?  

When you were first born, you had no voice.  In your youngest iteration, your inner voice couldn’t really talk to you until you learned your native tongue, your language.  Until you picked up on words, you had to be thinking like a dog or a cat must think, with images, instead of words.  Did you ever think that you would always have that voice?  That somehow, your voice would never die?  When you finally do get old and pass away from this planet, does your voice go along with you - you wonder?  

It’s the same thing as thinking about your favorite music.  Does music go away when you stop hearing it?  No, I don’t think so.  Music stays where it always hangs out because the next time you need it, it’s there again, just like your voice, waiting for you to listen to it.  The greatest music composers know this and that’s why they are able to tap this wonderful amazing form of energy and share it with the rest of us whenever they want.

So, you may want to ask - ‘Where does music hang out?’  You may want to know, ‘Where does that voice inside my head go, when I don’t need it?’  And, it’s OK to ask these questions and more questions like these as you go along in my book because in this book, we’re going to be studying this kind of thing, the scientific and spiritual laws of Physics because I believe that the Scientific explanation for things that we read about and learn about in school, in college, from other scientists and the spiritual explanations that we all feel sometimes and learn about in Church are actually the same thing.  

The stories and fables they teach us in Church, of course, are very primitive attempts to define what God would look or sound like, but too many times, these depictions of God are way off of any normal type of common sense.  The Bible Story in the opening chapters of what they call ‘The Holy Scriptures’, for example, where God tells Abraham to slit the throat of his own son just to see if he, Abraham, is truly faithful to God.  This kind of thing, God would never tell any of us to do because there is no God in my mind that would be so insecure that he needed to find out if a single human being truly thought of him as the God of all Gods.  It’s preposterous and shameful that many millions of people over the years have put their faith in this kind of dogma, meaning stories that have been repeated over and over so many times that it’s OK to think of them as true even though they are far far away from the truth..  

But, even when confronted with the Church dogma from this and other badly chosen fairy tales, I still believe, have always believed, and will always believe that there is a God somewhere out there in the Cosmos and I base this faith and trust in this truth, not from silly horse nonsense that others have put down on the page, but from my own observations of the largest things in the universe, the stars and galaxies in the heavens, and from the smallest things in the universe, the sub-atomic particles, as well as from the events of my own life.

When I have become aware of the greatest scientific discoveries, things we take for granted today as Truth, I can easily see the hand of the Creator of these things.  None of the things that I will show you in this book could possibly have happened without an architect of the building blocks of the universe because the Creator’s finger prints and/or footprints are visible to the naked eye or to one’s ears or any of our other senses.

As one overwhelming and easily understood example of this let’s talk about the way that our home planet the Earth revolves around the Sun so that it always remains in what we have now called the Goldy-Locks Zone, the perfect distance, give or take a few miles, from which a planetary body like ours can get just enough heat, light and where water can exist as a liquid so that life becomes a distinct possibility, and not only a possibility but can be guaranteed a position in Space/Time that could last as long or longer than the sun itself.  

Some people, even today, will argue that this scientific fact is a mere random coincidence.  They will point to the billions of other planets that we are discovering all around our galaxy where the distance from the planet to their own star is too far and would therefore be too cold for life or they would be too close whereupon they would be too hot to support life.  They would point to the other planets in our own solar system like Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto etc. where we find no life because these other planets are all either too close or too far from the Sun, and therefore, the Earth’s beneficial distance from the Sun is merely random chance, not a miracle that causes us to see the workings of a Creator in this Cosmic scheme of things.

But, it’s not just this one piece of evidence that informs my opinion on the subject.  There are countless other things about how the universe works for us as living beings that makes me tally up the score either FOR or AGAINST the argument that God exists and I have to say that so far, the score is ‘That God Exists’ =1,019 For and =2 Against the proposition.  That score is good enough for me.  The 2 bits of evidence that there is no God, I am going to save for the end of this book.  You can probably guess what they are because they are big ones, big arguments against there being a God and I wrestle with those two BIG ONES in my head quite often and mostly when I’m feeling the weight of these two on my own life.  But, in the final analysis, I usually put them down to the fact that we are judging these things from the wrong point of view and when we unite with our Creator, He or She, will make a point of explaining this little anomaly in the data to all of our satisfaction.  

Sadly, we all have Ego’s you see and this part of our Consciousness makes parts of the universe be taken in to our senses in a fog of some kind and some things are positioned in this blurring of life to look far more menacing to our Egos than they really are.  It’s hard to feel our own Egos in these situations because that’s the part of our brain that others control, or at least greatly influence, and so we may not always be rational.  In fact, I know we’re not always rational and live in a highly subjective state of awareness part of the time.

To put an exclamation mark (!) on this type of idea, I am inserting here my favorite photograph and what I believe is the most important photograph ever taken.

It’s taken from our Space probe Voyager in 2012 as it left our Solar System, the first man-made object to ever do so.  I wonder how many of you can tell what this is all about.

As the Space Craft Voyager left our Solar System, Mission Director Carl Sagan had a signal sent to the space craft to turn around and snap one last photograph.  Not knowing what would come out of it, the NASA team waited several hours for the data that would be assembled into this picture above.

At first, they thought that the tiny white spec you see in the yellow beam of light in the Top-Middle of the picture was a grain of sand or an imperfection in the development of the photo.  One of the NASA people tried to wipe it off the page.  It wouldn’t budge.  So, upon closer examination, it became clear that the white dot in the Top-Middle of the picture is our own planet Earth, the originating point in Space from whence the little space craft was launched thirty-five years previously.

The finger of orangy-yellowish light that the Earth is floating in is merely that, a finger of light emanating from the Sun, about 90 million miles to the leftward orientation of this picture and very graciously pointing out for everyone to see just how small and insignificant a place our planet takes in support of all our words, deeds and actions.

A person can look at this photo very coldly and objectively and see only what is shown and make no major interpretations of this event other than the astounding fact that the equipment on board Voyager was still working in this completely hostile area in space and after so many years past everyone’s life expectancy of the intricate hardware involved.

Or a person can learn that this picture was never planned in all of the thousands of hours of designing the space craft’s mission.  They would have their hands full orienting the space craft to snap millions of photos of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the moons of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto as it flew past at about fifty-thousand miles per hour.   No one ever thought to turn the cameras back for one final shot from this distance where they knew that nothing would be there worthy enough to photograph.

In fact, it was merely the suggestion of one of Carl Sagan’s assistants to send one last command to the space ship to turn around and take a random photograph like this.  The brass at NASA had rejected the idea thinking that nothing could come of a very expensive, multi-million dollar maneuver.  And besides, they told Director Sagan, the project had been shut-down.  Everyone had gone home.  

Carl Sagan persisted however, because it just seemed like such a cool idea and eventually he was able to convince his bosses to call several project engineers back to their command offices at Jet Propulsion Labs and get to work to send one last signal to Voyager.

And so it was done.  It amazed everyone at JPL that Voyager still had enough juice in its batteries to not only listen to their signal but also to obey and turn itself around, focus it’s camera in the exact opposite orientation to where it was going and snap one last photo and transmit the data back to the Earth.

Whenever I assess all of these points of data, I come to the only conclusion that someone like myself, and I hope you too can make.  

The little Voyager space-craft had one last job to do.  It somehow made this known to its creators.  They took up the challenge and allowed Voyager to turn around and wave good-bye to us, the creatures who had made it, and in doing so, would memorialize us and point out to us exactly how rare and precious an element we are in the overall scheme of things.  

Now, I have to say it - Compare this actual event that is abundantly recorded in digital form that will last for millions of years to the story of Abraham when God told him to kill his only son.  Which of these events would you trust as proof that God exists?

And if the Human Race goes extinct someday and no other living beings are able to contact us, they may someday bump into this little space craft that we constructed and now flying deep in inter-stellar space.  They will take it apart and learn how to play the music and videos that we placed on a golden record filled with images of our own lives and many of the life forms whom we are honored to share this planet with.  They will hear music from Bach, Beethoven, the Beatles and Chuck Berry.  They will see images of babies, flowers, exotic fish, animals running wild in the jungle, on the savanna, Eagles and other majestic birds floating majestically in the sky.  They will even be shown a map of how to find our planet.

When they arrive, they may find that we have destroyed everything here and that there are no wondrous animals and plants adorning this Earth any longer.  There may be nothing but another burned out and lifeless planets left for them to see.

And if they are good creatures, they will memorialize us and maybe even feel sorry for us.  They will at least, from the records and data on board Voyager, know what we looked like, what we strived for most arduously, the kinds of things that made us happy and even how much we loved each other.  

But, they may never be able to fully understand how we lacked the ability to save ourselves.

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